Korean Traditional Music

April 4 (Tue) 2023, 17:30, Room 뀪 – Banquet


(Intro) Master Singer Kim. Jung-min

  1. Musical preference
  2. Korean popular song (K-Pop, 以묎슂) originated from Min-yo (誘쇱슂, Korean traditional folk song)
    – Han-Oh-Back-Nyeon (븳삤諛깅뀈), Dol-A-Wa-yo-Busan-Hang-e (룎븘슂 遺궛빆뿉) by Cho, yong-pil (議곗슜븘)
    – Dal-Ta-Lyung (떖졊) by Kim, bu-ja (源遺옄)
    – Young-am Arirang (쁺븫 븘由щ옉) by Ha, chun-wha
  3. Succession of Pansori
    – What is 쏡eon-um (뜕쓬)
    – What is 쏝ang-Chang (諛⑹갹)
    – 8 master singers in early Choson dynasty
  4. Pansori vocalization
    – Comparison to western vocalization
    : abdominal breathing and Dan-jeon (떒쟾) breathing
    : Vocalization of northern Korean peninsular
  5. Pansori Chu-im-sae (異붿엫깉) all together
    – Rhyme of Sim-bong-sa opening his eyes (떖遊됱궗 늿쑉뒗 紐): experiencing improvised Chu-im-sae (rejoinder) all togther
    (Ending) A feast day (Jan-chi-nal: 옍移ル궇) by Master Singer Kim, jung-min

Master Singer Kim. Jung-min Profile